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This groove is the result of being carried around the wilderness for forty years.

And this had to have happened before 583 BC when Jeremiah brought the Rock to Ireland, because it has been moved a very few miles in the last 2500 years.

II Kin -14( II Chr ) Joash is crowned by a pillar, “as the manner was.” II Kin 23:3(II Chr ) Josiah’s covenant by a pillar. Coronation stone rejected for Solomon’s temple–Ency. The Throne will remain with Britain until Jesus returns, according to the prophecy; “until he comes whose right it is.” The latest descendant of the Zarah/Pharez line of Judah is Queen Elizabeth II.

Jud 9:1,6 Abimelech is Gideon’s son; he is crowned by the pillar at Shechem. She also happens to be the current fulfillment of the prophecy of Nathan to King David in II Samuel -17.

It was tricky to make sure the money didn’t run out before the month and there was plenty of temptation to spend it.