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The hopelessly tangled history between the two brothers, though, gave Chuck’s epic meltdown on the witness stand an extra layer of poignancy.

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Chuck had been accused of sexual misdeeds, and his debate with Hannah about the nature of consent was thoughtful and provocative — before a stunning (and hilarious) twist flipped every assumption we had on its head.

Richly complex, beautifully filmed, laugh-out-loud funny… this was Look, any spring fling that features a bevy of Jesuses is bound to be a good time.

She explained the trouble with Valentine's Day (as if you didn't know!

While Gibson's fast-paced romp is mildly entertaining, her flimsy plot doesn't hold up to scrutiny, and her protagonists the capable detective who's married to his work and the smart female who's been burned by a parade of Mr.

The writers made a excellent story for the episode.